-What Makes Our Cold Brew Coffee Different

Lost Coast Roast™ chooses to source our organic green coffee beans from sustainable, shade-grown farms that leave very little impact on the environment. In most cases, these farms actually thrive in conjunction with the surrounding environment. Many types of wildlife can be seen flourishing in and around the farms, including the Quetzal bird, as seen on our logo.

The organic green coffee beans are carefully roasted fresh for each small batch cold brewed coffee made in the Lost Coast Roast™ production facilities

Health conscious people are becoming aware of the importance of a well-balanced pH. Many studies have shown a number of ailments that can be avoided by maintaining a body with a high pH (alkaline). Hot coffee generally has a pH around 4, making it acidic. Our cold brew coffee maintains a pH level of 6, making it more alkaline and less likely to negatively affect our health and well-being.

In our modern industrial environment it is very important to maintain water quality. Our community water sources often have unwanted water additives and contaminants. By using a complex filtering system we are able to bring our water to a pure state, allowing it to fully complement our coffee beans, while not compromising taste.

Lost Coast Roast™ seeks to serve the highest quality cold brewed coffee using Shade-Grown coffee beans, and Regeneratively grown ingredients where available, through dedication and excellence. We source coffee from farmers using shade-grown practices that leave little environmental impact where biodiversity flourishes, beautifully wildlife thrives in this natural environment including the Quetzal bird, which is native to the highlands of South and Central America where many coffee farms are located.


We hope to spread awareness of the importance of high-quality coffee that can help one’s well being, while simultaneously saving the environment. We value our relationships with current and future clients and hope to hope to continue improving upon our outstanding product, personal service, community impact and efficient delivery. Our commitment to our customers is reflected through our honest production process and through our community and global impact.

Organization Philosophies

In today’s economy there’s a popular desire in enjoying environmentally conscious products that improve the world. We are here to take care of people who believe in this purpose and make them feel good about partaking with our cold brewed coffee. We love our people, we love the cause, while making coffee is our thank you, to you.


Quetzal Bird Story

Quetzal birds are becoming less common due to deforestation and globalization. From Southern Mexico to Northern South America there used to be continuous forests where the Quetzals would fly about. Our farmers organically grow our coffee beans through shade grown farms in Nicaragua. This leaves little impact on the environment and in most cases actually allows the environment to thrive in conjunction with the coffee farm. Beautiful wild life can be seen flourishing around the farm, including the Quetzal bird seen on our logo.