Quetzal birds are becoming less common due to deforestation and globalization. From Southern Mexico to Northern South America there used to be continuous forests where the Quetzals would fly about. Our farmers organically grow our coffee beans through shade grown farms in Nicaragua. This leaves little impact on the environment and in most cases actually allows the environment to thrive in conjunction with the coffee farm. Beautiful wild life can be seen flourishing around the farm, including the Quetzal bird seen on our logo.


Not all coffee is created the same, far from it. Conventional and even organic coffee farms can be detrimental to local and global ecosystems. The main adverse effect being that rainforests were once located where many coffee farms are now. 
We source Shade Grown Organic coffee from the highlands of Nicaragua. This is the way coffee was meant to be grown, in its natural environment, under the rainforest canopy.  This approach to growing coffee is also beneficial to an array of wildlife which live bio-dynamically with the rainforest ecosystems….Including the quetzal on our logo, the state bird of Guatemala. 
At Lost Coast Roast™ we have always sourced shade grown coffee, and always will.